One of my more frequently shared thoughts on music is the above. Yeah John and Paul wrote almost all of the music that got them on the map in the first place, but when you actually listen to the music, George's songs were the actually really good ones.

I'd argue the three most well-known are "Something," "Here Comes the Sun," and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," but there was one in particular that was somehow included on 1963's With the Beatles, and that is "Don't Bother Me." Even for 1963 I think that song musically showed he was beyond John and Paul in songwriting skills. For one, he wrote it while sick and on doctor-ordered bed rest. The song might be in a super basic chord structure but the reverb! And the loudness of the drums! That is so not like a Lennon-McCartney record and they did a disservice to the band by not letting him write more sooner.

YouTube audio of "Don't Bother Me"

3 years later he wrote 3 of the songs on Revolver and I imagine that is part of the reason that it's one of my favorite albums from them (the other being Abbey Road). I think "Taxman" especially shows his potential and was like a rough draft for his later solo work.

This is far less polished than my other posts but I was watching something about George and just had thoughts I wanted to get down.